Peaceful Simplicity

Do you ever get the feeling of being overwhelmed?  Like the world is closing in on you, depression,  panic and anxiety take over and you are completely alone with no control?

I do too. It’s not an easy thing to go through and at times seems completely unbearable.

Not everyone is the same, we are all individuals with our own thoughts, feelings, fears, hurts and hangups. Therefore, our coping process, is as unique as we ourselves are. There is no right or wrong way, there is no black or white.  

I find peaceful simplicity in being creative and slowing down to take a good long look around. I love to do landscape photography. In 2017, everything changed in the blink of an eye when I had a MVA, my photography as well as other parts of my life had to be put on hold. I've had to learn to do everything with the limitations caused by the accident, I'm so happy that I've been back into taking pictures for about 4 months now. It feels like I've reclaimed a part of myself. 

For me the perfect stress relief is found in being creative, and that comes in a number of activities but there is just something about photography.

For instance, look at the picture above, is that not an "awe" moment? There is so much beauty all around us in nature, if we just slow down to look, it can even take your breath away and sweep you up in the moment, but it will be a lasting part of your heart that you can carry forever.

I have found great peace, joy and happiness in taking these photos. It is a real passion for me. As I was recently going through my 1000’s of photos, it stirred something inside of me, in some cases I could remember exactly where the photo was taken as well as the emotion that came from taking it. Some photos, it was like looking at for the first time, because I could see something in it that I never noticed before. With my photography, I believe that the biggest lessons come from the smallest details of the photos. We need to slow down and take the time to see what is right before us, beauty and creativity, comfort, peace, and even love.

We are all given gifts / talents, we all have had to learn lessons through our struggles of panic, anxiety and depression. But these talents, gifts and lessons are not ours to keep for ourselves, but to share with others who need them. I feel like if there is anything in my life that can help another person in their own life, who am I to decide not to share it? We are all connected somehow.

Together we can help one another, and most times not even be aware that we are helping. There is beauty all around us. My hope for you, is that you will find your peaceful simplicity.

Please feel free to share my blog and website with anyone who is looking for some Peaceful Simplicity!

Have a great day folks! 😊

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Peaceful Simplicity

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